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When Should You Get a Mole Removed?

Posted on: July 2nd, 2021 by Dr. Christopher Crosby

What one person views as a beauty mark, another may consider an undesirable mole. Those who are displeased with their moles—or are concerned about them for health reasons—need not keep them on their bodies forever. The team at Grossmont Dermatology discusses when the right time is to remove a mole:

It Is Suspicious

First and foremost, do not waste any time when you become concerned about a mole. Skin cancer is rarely fatal when caught early enough, so it is better to have a worrisome mole checked out sooner than later. Schedule an appointment if you discover a new mole that was not there before the age of 40, have a mole that is asymmetrical, or notice an existing mole change in color or size.

Your doctor will examine your mole and, in the event that he or she shares your concern, may suggest having it removed so that it can be sent to the laboratory to test for melanoma or possible skin cancer. Insurance will typically cover this procedure when it is part of screening for cancer.

It Causes Physical Discomfort

A mole that would not bother you on one part of your body could be a real annoyance in another spot. For example, a mole right along your waistline may frequently be irritated by your pants. Or a mole on the wrist can wind up bleeding when it becomes irritated by jewelry.

In these cases, it makes sense to shave off the mole rather than perpetually deal with the pain and inconvenience, particularly since mole removal is such a quick procedure.

You Simply Do Not Like It

Moles do not need to be painful or pose a potential health risk to be removed. Plenty of patients want certain moles removed for cosmetic reasons. You are entitled to want to feel confident in your appearance, and if taking off a mole would help with that, Grossmont Dermatology is happy to help.

Most often, cosmetic removal addresses a mole on the face. That makes it all the more important to have a skilled doctor perform the mole removal to avoid any unsightly scarring. No one wants to replace one blemish with another. Grossmont Dermatology providers will always discuss the risks and benefits of cosmetic mole removal.

To be treated by a skilled doctor, look no further than Grossmont Dermatology. Our La Mesa, CA office has several doctors who are experts on both skin cancer and mole removal. Book an appointment at your convenience through our website, or call (619) 462-1670.

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