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Mole Removal

Do Not Attempt to Remove Your Own Mole or Skin Tag – Let Our Professionals Help

Have you seen the advertisements for at-home mole or skin tag removal kits that having been popping up on social media lately? As with so many of the health and beauty “miracle” products you can find online, the concept...read more

Mole Removal

4 Reasons to Have Cosmetic Mole Removal for Clearer Skin

While the doctors at Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic do remove many moles to conduct a biopsy, not all moles need to be suspicious or potentially harmful to your health to warrant removal. Some of our patients request mole removal...read more

Mole Removal

When Should You Get a Mole Removed?

What one person views as a beauty mark, another may consider an undesirable mole. Those who are displeased with their moles—or are concerned about them for health reasons—need not keep them on their bodies forever. The team at Grossmont...read more

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