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New Treatment Reduces Fat & Builds Muscle at the Same Time: EMSCULPT NEO

Posted on: July 31st, 2021 by Dr. Christopher Crosby

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to reduce fat while simultaneously building muscle? It is now possible, through the groundbreaking technology of EMSCULPT NEO. The dermatologists at Grossmont Dermatology in La Mesa discuss how EMSCULPT NEO works, as well as the results it produces.


This revolutionary FDA-approved technology combines fat burning and muscle toning in one procedure. EMSCULPT NEO uses high-intensity electro-magnetic field (HIFEM) technology in combination with radiofrequency (RF) heating. It is a noninvasive procedure allowing patients to look better much faster.

When the applicator emits these two technologies simultaneously, muscle temperature rises. In just a few minutes, the temperature is high enough to damage cells in the subcutaneous fat. Fat cells are reduced by about 30 percent once the entire therapy is completed. At the same time, HIFEM contracts all of the muscle fibers in the treatment area. That stress causes muscle adaptation, increasing muscle fiber and cell growth by an average of 25 percent.

The body removes these dead fat cells through natural processes. While fat melting results are permanent, muscle toning requires sessions every three months. Because EMSCULPT NEO uses RF technology, it also tightens skin.

The standard EMSCULPT NEO protocol consists of four sessions lasting 30 minutes each and spaced roughly one week apart. There is no preparation necessary. Patients feel a heat sensation during treatment, along with some muscle contractions.

Final results are evident within three months. The treatment sessions are the equivalent of between six and 12 months of diet and exercise.

EMSCULPT NEO Treatment Areas

EMSCULPT NEO is most effective on the calves, buttocks, thighs, abdomen and arms. 


If you are looking for more muscle and less fat, you are likely an EMSCULPT NEO candidate. EMSCULPT NEO can treat clients with a Body Mass Index of 35.

Those with certain medical or other conditions are not candidates for EMSCULPT NEO. These include anyone with metal hardware in the treatment area or tattoos in that region. Individuals with hernias should avoid EMSCULPT NEO.

No Downtime

There is no downtime needed with EMSCULPT NEO. You can go back to work or perform other daily activities immediately after the treatment session.

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