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Dermatologists in La Mesa explain mole removal treatment cost and reviews

Posted on: March 23rd, 2018 by Dr. Christopher Crosby

Not all moles are cancerous or dangerous. Large, dark, or bumpy moles or ones that are on a visible part of the body may be considered for mole removal. If you have a mole that is unsightly or bothersome, contact the Board-Certified dermatologists at Grossmont Dermatology in La Mesa, CA for mole treatment.

Mole removal options

Moles can be removed using different methods to gain a more cosmetically appealing appearance. The mole removal costs and reviews give advantages and disadvantages of each procedure. The price depends upon the size, shape, and location. Costs may include:

  • Shaving
  • Excising
  • Pathology


Using a local anesthetic, shaving a mole cuts it off right at the skin’s surface. The area scabs over as it heals and usually leaves minimal scarring. Shaving the mole is generally less expensive than other methods but may not be appropriate for larger moles.

A mole can also be removed through surgical excision which removes the mole and closes the area with sutures. A scar is probable, but the area should heal in an inconspicuous manner. Surgical excisions may have better success rates as the mole is less likely to come back when it is fully excised rather than when it is simply shaved off the surface. Because more is involved, excisions typically cost more than shaving, but the total cost will depend upon the size and location of the mole.

The final cost that may be involved in mole removal is the pathology. Moles are often sent to the laboratory to determine if they are cancerous or precancerous. Although moles may be removed for cosmetic reasons, it is important to evaluate moles to rule out abnormalities. Medical insurance often covers the cost of removal and pathology when a mole is suspicious. Moles that are removed strictly for cosmetic reasons may not be covered by insurance.

Moles can be removed for cosmetic reasons. Whether you have had a mole for years or a new one just appeared, it is important to see a Board-Certified dermatologist yearly for skin checks. Contact Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic today for an appointment. Call [phone].


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