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In Defense of Facial Fat – Avoid Buccal Fat Removal

Posted on: March 8th, 2024 by Dr. Christopher Crosby

If you have followed beauty trends on TikTok in the past couple years, you may have seen a lot of content on buccal fat removal. Buccal fat is the fat located between the jaw and cheekbones. Although it is normal and even beneficial to have fat in this part of your face, some celebrities and influencers have opted to remove some of this fat to achieve a more sculpted face shape.

But having this procedure may be short-sighted. Facial fat is a precious resource that many people wish they had more of later in life. Removing fat now means possibly depriving yourself of a better face shape later in life. The aesthetic doctors and nurses at Grossmont Dermatology and Medical Clinic explain why that is below:

Why Facial Fat Is Great

Facial fat serves several functional purposes. First, it cushions and protects your bones. Second, it provides insulation to your face for proper temperature regulation. Third, it helps you to convey facial expressions by working in tandem with your facial muscles.

Finally, there are the aesthetic reasons. Facial fat is affectionately referred to as “baby fat” because it gives the face a youthful shape. Although society often champions thinness, the face is generally one area where having fat is attractive. As you get older, your fat gradually disappears and droops, creating a gaunter look. The longer you retain facial fat, the longer you will be able to maintain a youthful appearance.  

Consider All the Procedures Offering Additional Facial Volume

The proof that buccal/facial fat is a precious commodity is clear from the number of aesthetic treatments available to add volume to your face. At Grossmont Dermatology, we offer a few for patients who wish to have a fuller face:

  • Dermal fillers: Injections of hyaluronic acid create fuller contours to give the face a healthy, youthful shape. These injections are especially popular in the cheeks and areas where static wrinkles have formed.
  • Microneedling: Tiny needles poke the skin and generate new collagen production, which helps to thicken the skin and restore volume — while also minimizing hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.
  • Glycolic peels: While this peel is mainly aimed at exfoliating the skin, it has the added benefit of producing new collagen, which helps to add volume and elasticity to lax skin.

Furthermore, some plastic surgeons offer facial fat transfer, which transports fat cells from another area of the body to the face to recreate youthful facial contours.

Our Final Verdict

Take it from our experts: chasing a facial fat removal trend has temporary benefits. You’re going to miss that buccal fat in the coming decades. If you are already disappointed with volume loss in your face and would like to speak to our aesthetic specialists about the best treatments for restoring full cheeks and lips, please schedule a consultation by calling (619) 462-1670 today.

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