We’re excited to announce we’ve merged with Grossmont Dermatology

Skin Care

Our Encinitas office now offers both dermatology and ophthalmology care.

We are excited to announce that our Encinitas office now offers comprehensive dermatology care. Historically, our Encinitas office only offered ophthalmology and optometry care. Now patients can receive both skin care and eye care from our expanding team of...read more

Photodynamic Therapy

What Can I Do to Get Rid of the Brown Spots and Sun Damage I Got Over the Summer?

If the allure of warmer temperatures got you outdoors over these recent summer months, you may notice signs of that on your skin. Tanning looks nice in the short term, but sun damage can create permanent brown spots that...read more

Practice News

Meet our newest team member, dermatologist Dr. Derek Nickerson.

Coastal Skin & Eye Institute is proud to welcome our newest team member, dermatologist Dr. Derek Nickerson. Dr. Nickerson is a board-certified dermatologist and ACMS fellowship-trained Mohs micrographic surgeon specializing in skin cancer removal and complex surgical reconstruction. Coastal...read more

PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma: Learn More About PRP

If you are like many people, you have probably heard the term “PRP therapy” used before but have little understanding of what it means. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, a treatment that promotes better healing. It was first developed...read more

Skin Cancer Education

When Is Skin Cancer Life-Threatening?

Skin cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer; fortunately, it also has one of the highest survival rates. However, do not assume that you do not need to worry about skin cancer, because it can be...read more

Eye Care

Tip for selecting attractive eye glasses

Choosing new eyeglasses can be overwhelming with the number of options, styles, colors, and types of frames. Many patients struggle to know which shape or style looks best. Located in San Diego, CA, the team at Coastal Skin and Eye Institute offers...read more

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