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What to Expect During Your First Botox Appointment

Posted on: September 26th, 2020 by Dr. Christopher Crosby

Botox injections are a quick and safe way to achieve a fresh and youthful appearance with virtually no downtime. The neurotoxin minimizes the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, or wrinkles caused by repeated facial movements. Botox is particularly effective at treating crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and vertical lines in between the eyebrows.

If you are on the fence about getting Botox, it may help to understand what exactly you can expect during your first appointment at Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic. Rest assured that our entire team will make your treatment as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Preparing for Your Appointment

You will be asked to take a few precautions in the days leading up to your treatment. For example, you should not smoke, drink excessive amounts of alcohol or take medications that can cause harmful side effects if combined with Botox treatment. Be sure to tell our team if you take medications like blood thinners, aspirin or ibuprofen before your procedure.

If possible, schedule your appointment for a time of day when you do not feel rushed or stressed. Before coming in for your appointment, you may want to remove any makeup, creams or moisturizers from your face.

Treatment Details

After you arrive for your appointment, your injector will map out and cleanse the injection sites. Normally anesthesia is not needed, as the injections are quick and cause very minimal discomfort. If you are interested, you can inquire about using ice or topical cream to numb the injection sites.

Small amounts of Botox will be injected into the skin through very short, thin needles. Expect a slight prick or pinch. The number of injections needed will depend on your specific facial anatomy and concerns. Most of the time, the injections take 10 to 15 minutes to administer. Ice compresses can be applied to the treated areas right after the injections to minimize swelling.

Immediately After Treatment

You can resume most of your daily routine immediately after your Botox appointment, as long as you avoid exercising or engaging in other strenuous activities for 24 hours. You should also avoid rubbing the injection sites, as it could cause the Botox to migrate.

Slight aftereffects like mild bruising and redness are common after Botox treatment and should resolve within a few days. If you experience persistent bruising or redness, contact our team.

Keep in mind that the results of Botox typically last three to six months, and repeat treatments are required to maintain the effects.

Schedule Botox Treatment at Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic

For more information about Botox treatment or to request an appointment, please contact the team at Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic today.

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