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Laser hair reduction brings big benefits to men and women in La Mesa

Posted on: February 21st, 2018 by Dr. Christopher Crosby

Throughout recorded history, men and women have worked to remove unwanted hair for cultural, medical, sexual, or religious reasons. Today, it is more a matter of fashion and comfort. Dr. Christopher Crosby brings the benefits of permanent laser hair reduction to patients in the La Mesa area. 

Hair removal techniques 

Today, hair removal is generally accomplished by:

  • Depilation – Elimination of hair above the surface of skin by shaving, or harsh chemicals that dissolve proteins in hair structure.
  • Epilation – Removing the entire hair – the strand you see and the part beneath skin. Epilation devices, waxing, sugaring, threading, and plucking pull hairs out by the roots.
  • Friction – Buffing hair away with a rough-surfaced tool.

Advantages of laser hair reduction 

If these conventional methods remove hair, what are the benefits of laser hair reduction? La Mesa men and women are finding out, one smooth, sleek body part at a time.


Laser hair reduction is technically a type of epilation. However, it does not yank the hair root from the follicle. Rather, focused light in a specific wavelength is absorbed by pigments in the hair. Laser energy heats and destroys the follicle, allowing hair to gently fall out. Only hairs in the growing (anagen) phase respond, so several treatments are necessary for full clearance.


Grossmont Dermatology’s laser hair reduction patients love:

  • Comfort – Special steps are taken to ensure patient comfort, and treatment is well tolerated.
  • Convenience – Depending on the area, a session typically takes less than an hour.
  • No downtime – You may return to normal activities right away.
  • Safety – Our laser technicians have special training and experience. With their expertise, risk of swelling, discomfort, burns, or pigmentation changes are minimized.
  • No razor rash or stubble.
  • Lasting results! – While the body continues to produce a few new hair follicles, only occasional touchup sessions are needed.

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