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Botox FAQs

Botox is often requested by patients at the Coastal Skin & Eye Institute in San Diego, CA. It is the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic treatment to smooth lines and wrinkles. When it is performed by a skilled and trained professional with a deep knowledge of facial anatomy it rarely causes side effects.

This minimally invasive injectable treatment is a popular choice for individuals who know that Botox can help smooth lines and wrinkles to improve their appearance. Patients love the results they achieve and will enjoy the compliments they receive.

The Coastal Skin & Eye Institute team uses Botox alone or in conjunction with total injectable facial rejuvenation.  Botox is one of many treatments available to restore physical beauty and enhance self-confidence. Here they answer many of the common questions about Botox.

What is the main purpose of using Botox?

The primary purpose of using Botox Cosmetic is the treatment of lines, wrinkles, and folds on the face caused by the muscles of expression. Contraction of these muscle coupled with aging skin cause dynamic wrinkles. The most commonly treated areas include deep forehead creases, brown lines and furrows and crow’s feet.

What are dynamic wrinkles?

Dynamic wrinkles result from repeated muscle contractions over years of facial expressions. Dynamic wrinkles are a hallmark of skin aging and skin damage.

Young skin bounces back from repeated facial expressions but aging and loss of collagen and elastin slowly deteriorates the skin and doesn’t bounce back.

Botox works best for dynamic wrinkles. For example, fine lines around your eyes and lines across the bridge of your nose develop from furrowing your brow and squinting. Botox actually temporarily stops the muscle from moving, thereby preventing the wrinkles from forming on your face.

What is the best age to start getting Botox?

Your skin begins aging in your late 20s and early 30s, as you lose collagen and sun damage and smoking accelerate lines and wrinkles. When you become aware of those brow furrows and crow’s feet it may be time to consider Botox.

How does Botox work?

Your face will be cleansed, and your provider will ask you to contract and relax the areas of concern. This allows them to see the muscles in action so they can target and inject Botox into specific areas for the most natural looking results.

The medication is injected into the muscles, allowing them to relax temporarily which reduces muscle contractions. This results in smoothing of the targeted skin over the course of ten to fourteen days, which reduces the depth and overall appearance of these imperfections.

Are there any pretreatment precautions?

If you are planning a vacation or will be attending an important event like a wedding, we advise you to have your treatment at least two weeks prior to the event. This allows for time to see the full results.

How long will it take to see results?

Patients may notice some effect in approximately three to five days; however, it can take up to two weeks to see the full results.

How long do Botox results last?

Botox results require maintenance treatments. For most patients, the effect of Botox injections will last for approximately three to six months. Importantly, patients may find that they need lower dosages in the second year, and in the following years, than they did in the first.

Is there any downtime?

Most people can return to the activities of daily life immediately. However, there are some precautions you should take right after the procedure.

  • It is important to avoid spreading the substance from the treated areas to other areas so please do not rub or massage the areas treated.
  • If you wear makeup be careful not to rub it in.
  • Don’t lie down for at least four hours after your Botox treatment to avoid spreading it to untreated areas.
  • Do not engage in strenuous activities including any activities that raises your heart rate or place your head lower than your heart for at least six hours after your Botox treatment. 

Will Botox treatment affect my facial expressions?

Your dermatologist only injects enough Botox to weaken and relax the targeted muscles. The key is proper placement.  They can treat fine lines without affecting eyebrows and other facial movements.

Will I lose my feeling in the treated areas?

This treatment does not affect your ability to feel sensations like touch. 

What are the side effects of treatment?

Treatment side effects are minimal and may include swelling, redness and bruising at the injection site for a few days at most.

Who is a good candidate for Botox injections?

If you are in good health, over age 18 and desire a nonsurgical way to address facial aging and reducing moderate to severe dynamic wrinkles Botox could be for you. You are not a candidate if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Most patients are appropriate candidates for Botox, as it does not cause allergic reactions. However, it is a medical procedure and for that reason it is important to tell your Coastal Skin and Eye Dermatologist about all the medications you take, all the supplements you take, and all surgeries and cosmetic treatments you have had.

How do I find the best doctor to administer my Botox?

Importantly, Botox must be used only under a doctor’s care. Only a doctor can prescribe Botox after a consultation. This is important because injections must be specifically placed to avoid side effects. An RN can perform injections if they have advanced training.

At Coastal Skin and Eye Institute we encourage you to select a Board-certified, Fellowship-trained specialist for your injections. After all, Botox is still a medical procedure. You want a doctor you can trust with your health, safety, and appearance.

For more information about the benefits of Botox and to find out if you are a good candidate for the treatment, call the office of Coastal Skin and Eye Institute us. We have offices in Carmel Valley and Encinitas, California.